16 June 2013

Connoisseur Sudanese Battalions - British Officers arrive!

For our ongoing campaign it was essential to have quite a few of the local forces represented in the Orders of Battle to give an accurate reflection of troops in the theatre.  So with this in mind, two battalions of Sudanese Regulars were ordered from Bicorne Miniatures some time ago and painted up.  However for some reason I miscalculated the numbers of British Officers in fez which I required to command each company.

A long journey later, seven additional figures have arrived and are waiting for undercoating, painting and then a posting to the Regiment.  As you can see, the actual figure is full of character and attitude - you can just see and imagine the feeling of superiority and elan in his face and pose.

It is my intention to have the vast majority of the figures in my collection to come from the Connoisseur Sudan range of Peter Gilders with some supplemental figures that I particularly like from some of the excellent ranges available from Redoubt, Perry and Foundry in their respective Colonial ranges.


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  2. I went onto the site and I think I added it - but could be mistaken. All very new to this so let me know if I somehow missed it. Cheers

  3. Does not appear at the moment its one of the 'Add Gadgets' you can access and allows people to follow your postings - has a blue 'join this site' logo - took me ages to get my blogs up and running !

  4. Good luck with the venture!! Looking forward to seeing the rules.


  5. I am so delighted to see this project undertaken. Gilder inspired all my gaming ideals and I started Colonial gaming because of the Wargames World articles. I played colonials using Gilder's rules for years and my collection for the Sudan is still based as it was for those rules. I have since written Battles for Empire (second edition) but I still fondly remember pushing around models in the Grand Manner..... I am also still a huge fan of Connoisseur! Good luck with this.

    1. Thanks Chris - it is a great period!