20 June 2013

Sudan game at the NWS 2013 - Part 1

We recently played a Sudan game at our clubs gaming day at the Loftus Centre to give the figures a good outing and play through what will hopefully be the rules that we will use going forward for this period.

The scenario was one where General Ward has been trusted to lead his column through the outskirts of the coastal plain south of Trinikat in order to obtain some much needed supplies and also to investigate reports of a small uprising from a local Emir who has been raiding the local traders and agitating in what has been a previously peaceful area.

His column consisted of The Gordon Highlanders, The Camerons, The West Kents, Yorks and Lancs - all five companies strong, three companies of the Naval Brigade as well as a Nordenfeld MG, two guns from the 1st Battery RA one of which was a screw gun.  Also attached were two squadrons of the 9th Bengal Lancers as you can see above.

Waiting in the town were the garrison of the 8th Egyptian foot and two Krupp guns from an attached battery under the watchful eye of Colonel Mufasa.

The Gunboat Zephyr in support - scratch built by the very talented Troy Keely many years ago.

All goes well for the column in the early stages.  Initial reaction rolls and event cards are minor with most of the Mahdist forces either shadowing the column or heading for high ground such as this mounted contingent.  In the rules the Mahdists are totally controlled by the Umpire using a "Reaction Chart" and the rolling of 2d6 making for some wildly unpredictable results.

The 1st battalion Cameron Highlanders advance in support of the Nordenfeld whilst the Yorkshire and Lancashire Battalion take high ground - really need to get the dullcote out as I missed these boys the first time around.  Very glossy!

Mahdist Camels come under fire whilst passing through the wadi on the outskirts of the battlefield.  Beautifully animated figures from Connoisseur.

Fuzzy Wuzzies appear suddenly on the left flank of the column as the Naval Brigade turn to face the new threat.  These Fuzzies unfortunately rolled three "Stay put and test again next turn" results and had their numbers decimated by the combined fire of the Nordenfeld and escort.  Incredibly brave warriors, the Fuzzy Wuzzies were admired and feared throughout the campaigns in the Sudan for their courage and fighting ability at close quarters.

Pensive young Regimental commander - that town is an awfully long way away!


  1. It was the original Gilder accounts in Wargames World that inspired my interest in gaming the period. This looks just as good as the originals and I can't wait to see a copy of the much-discussed but almost legendary (and unseen) rules.

  2. Carlo - nice little blog and great looking game. I agree those Connoisseur figures are really well animated - love those Mahdists on camels getting gunned down!

  3. Carlo, excellent blog, please keep it up. It's really inspired me to dig out my Sudan figures and start to do something with them.

    I'll keep an eye open for the rules, as they are something which I've often read about but never played.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks for all the positive comments - they really keep the enthusiasm levels up. Great to see you get those figures out again Warren and you are right Doc, the Connoisseur figures are very special in this period.

  4. Looks fantastic! Keep up the posts!!