11 July 2013

"The Ashes"...is there anything better!

For me this is a wonderful time which only comes along every four years...an Australian cricket tour of England and the wonderful nights listening to the BBC Test Match Special coverage on the wireless (OK...digital radio!!) whilst painting and basing figures until the wee small hours.  Then struggling out of bed, going to work and doing it all over again.

Fantastic stuff!

They certainly love cricket in the Sudan, well at least in my collection.  Just outside of Suakin we find Captain Harrington, well on his way to a fine fifty in a Regimental match between the Yorks and Lancs.  Despite the dryness of the pitch and the variable bounce just short of a good length Harrington has managed to steady the ship and set about chasing down a modest score.  This photo, sure to appear in the Regimental papers, sees him admiring a lovely cover drive just past the mimosa bushes and into the wadi on the fringes of camp.

In terms of this test at Trent Bridge certainly an exciting First days play with England slightly in the ascendancy.  First hour will tell the tale methinks...

Hope to get quite a bit of the new Sudan gear based and ready for a campaign shortly.


  1. Great one Carlo..nothing better and a bash in the sand with the old bat and ball

  2. Cracking Stuff what...old chap ...tally ho

  3. The Ashes are indeed the prince of sport!

    i'm English and apart from the little hiccup last year (OK, I admit it, England were blown away by Mitchel Johnson!) we haven't done too badly since 2005- The best Ashes and certainly Test series I've ever seen and at 46 that's saying a lot since i've been watching Tests since I was 6 years old!

    Tootle pip,


    1. Hi Darrell,

      Glad you are scrolling through the blog. That series in England in 2005 was breathtaking and as an Australian the result was so unimportant compared to the drama and thrills of the performances. It took cricket in Australia by storm so much that the cricket season a few months after that I was coaching very young players at the local club. Numbers went from 14 to 78 as a direct result if the quality if cricket payed.