12 August 2013

Action at Trinikat

The square prepares for some excitement!
We had a small engagement over the weekend to sort through some of the firing procedures again to ensure that all is working well.  Without going into a full Battle Report the encounter was one of several elements of General Stewarts Brigade outside Trinikat and being strongly engaged by a force of the local Emir Bensufen.

Masses of Mahdist Cavalry with Camels to the rear.
 Despite the overwhelming odds the Imperial troops gave a very good account of themselves with no major reverses.

Fuzzies looking for a flank...any flank!!
 In the end Emir Bensufen was able to gin some local honour by dragging off several baggage camels which bolted from the Imperial square but little more.

Sudanese Regulars advance on the outskirts...too late too impact upon the battle.

All the figures are, of course, Connoisseur though I did throw in a few Essex and Redoubt figures as well on the outskirts.

Redoubt Miniature skirmishing Highlanders - lovely figures.


  1. Very nice; fantastic the square!!!

  2. Lovely stuff!

    I just had a thought. I don't know if you're aware but the Suakin force had a Royal Engineers Balloon Detachment, as mentioned in De Cosson's book. I don't recall Peter ever making rules for such, but I effectively doubled sighting ranges from the model, with a die-roll to correctly interpret what was seen through the heat haze and the dust.

    Apparently Osman Digna, the local Mahdist leader, told his followers it was a manifestation of the Prophet's tomb hovering over the British to show they'd be defeated.

  3. Beautiful Carlo, those full sized battalions are very impressive

  4. Thanks gents - always appreciate the feedback. Observation balloon , now that would make an interesting scenario -especially if one broke its anchor and had to be recaptured