14 September 2013

Guards Camel Corps - part one.

The boys make their way over the drift - now that's a hell of a lot of metal!

One of the most distinct types of troops from a British perspective in the Sudan has to be the camel mounted troops of both Guards and Mounted Infantry.  In order to truly have a representative force of the period these troops had to be represented in all their glory.

Slightly fuzzy in the front rank but you get the idea.

These chaps are the Heavy Camel Regiment 4th Dragoon Guards organised in 4 companies of 12 figures a piece as per the Gilder Sudan rules.  That accounts for 48 Camels, both advancing and dismounted or at rest, 48 mounted troopers and officers and of course 48 in firing position.  As mentioned earlier that is a hell of allot of metal for one unit...but it certainly looks good.

Nice view of the boys advancing.

On the basing desk we have the rest of the formation awaiting final distribution of all equipment, ammunition, PVA white glue, ballast, sand etc.

Nice unit...but certainly don't let the Mahdists catch you mounted!

As usual these figures are from the wonderful Connoisseur Sudan range and were all originally designed by Peter Gilder.  They are all available from the wargames supply company Bicorne Miniatures - you can find a link to his site at the bottom of this page.   

The inspiration for these chaps -
cover of Miniature Wargames many moons ago.

Hopefully the next post will have some more rules and the rest of this formation in dismounted formation awaiting the Fuzzy Wuzzy attack somewhere on the plains of Abu Klea.

Even the Guards can use some artillery support...lovely
camel carried screw gun model from Redoubt Miniatures


  1. "Tommy Atkins, mounted on Too Late by Verbosity..." I do like the Camel Corps, even though they seem to get chopped to bits in most games I've played. Very nice display there, thanks for sharing.

  2. Would you like one hump or two with your tea sir..........