20 September 2013

Officer Losses

Camerons attempt to outflank the enemy!

Officer Losses

Leadership is an important factor in the Sudan!

When a squadron or company lose their officers, effectiveness can start to dwindle and their ability to counter the enemy can be diminished.  We already know that any unit without an officer attached can not Rapid Fire against the enemy and even there normal fire is at a reduced fire factor rate of – 1.

However there are times when the sacrifice of an officer can be the difference between a catastrophic defeat or hanging on by the skin of ones teeth.  Sands of the Sudan tries to capture this by allowing Imperial players to, in certain circumstances take losses on their officers rather than on the formation.

This is how it works.


The square watches events unfold with its baggage and spare ammo in the centre

When a squadron or company suffers losses it may elect to take part of this loss on its officer.   This option may only be used to save the remaining part of a figure i.e. a combat result shows that a unit has lost 29 casualties. 

These would normally result in the loss of two figures and a 90% chance of a third using a d10.  In this case a roll of 10 would be required to save that third figure.   

However by taking the officer option this becomes a straight 50/50 chance of not being a loss to the unit but a casualty wound to the officer.  This can be very important in melee since winners and losers are calculated on whole figures lost.   Thus in this example a d10 is rolled. 

Colonial 28th Bengal Native Infantry

A roll of 1-5 means the figure is not lost and the officer marks off one of his wound markers and earns the eternal praise of his men.  A roll of 6-10 however means that the unit does lose that third figure.  No wound on the officer is recorded.

You would have noticed that this is the opposite of the normal roll on a d10 for troop losses.  Normally the lower roll would be better however this is the way that Peter Gilder wrote it and we are determined to keep faith in the original rules in every way and at every turn possible.

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