21 October 2013

Guard Camel Corps - dismounted and in for a big surprise!

"This seemed like a good place to camp last night Jenkins?".
Guards look like they are up against it near the cooling oasis.

A few posts ago I put up a few shots of the Guards Camel Corp resplendent upon their steeds and looking quite smart in their Khaki and Blue..ish...tunics.  I also commented that their was a heck of a lot of metal in the regiment and that was without these boys on show.

"Nice and steady now chaps ...that's a good boy Gumbleton". 
Connoisseur Camel corps troops firing in the standing and kneeling
position and a wonderfully sculpted officer keeping them all in order.

 This unit contains 48 foot figures, 47 wonderful dismounted camels and one highly efficient and dedicated native servant who looks after these camels like they were his own...or at least they will be when his uncle the Emir of Kafira is finished with this lot.

Nice view from the...well...the rear.  "Stop that snickering
private haven't you ever seen a camels arse before?".

It is tough keeping these beasts happy at the best of times let alone with all this yelling!

The Camels can serve several purposes on the battlefield.  Obviously they look the part when the boys dismount and believe me in these rules you do not want to be British troops fighting hte brave Mahdists on camel let me assure you.  Also they can be fought behind at a push providing some level of cover.  Just might be tough remounting afterwards if you go down that path!

Nice view of the desert pool cleverly made by my good friend Mike out
of an old photo frame on sale for a dollar and some mdf.  He really is clever our Wardy! 

Nice shot of the boys in their finery looking at the challenge ahead.

That table edge can be a bit of a bugger when you are the Inmperial player.

Nice view of the boys from another angle. 
Hope the boys have remembered the "Rapid Fire" rule.

Next post hopefully before the weekend will be the final installment of the rules and then a few play throughs of the rules and hopefully a few qusetions and requests for rules and event cards.  Lets see what happens.


  1. Fantastic, the Guards, fantastic. And a lot of camels!

  2. some fine looking chaps in the camel cops, great colours.

  3. Thanks J and D - they make a nice change to the khaki in the Brits and the actual figures are very nice.
    Thanks for taking the time to compliment them - much appreciated.

  4. Carlo the size and the beauty of your collection is amazing....fantastic

  5. You have some lovely figures there, admire your patience in painting all those camels. Love the variety in patterns on the madhists clothes.

  6. Wonderful stuff! Great figures and terrain. De Cosson's account of service with Graham's army out of Suakin mentions Fuzzy breaking into the square on one occasion only to be held-up by the camels used to haul the water supply. It gave enough time for the troops to rally and seal the breach.

    Yes, the table edge is a bit of a bugger for the Imperial forces. Anything can appear there with little to no warning.

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments gentlemen - your support is greatly appreciaited.