27 November 2013

Skirmish formation troops for the Sudan

"Kents" off hunting...Connoisseur British on the job.

Just a quick post today to depict some of the new skirmish bases that have been completed in the past few weeks.  As those who have followed the rules and the blog over the past months know, Imperial formations can dispatch some of their companies into skirmisher formation in order to try and detect ambushes etc. well ahead of the main body.

The full three skirmisher bases in action.
 I also took the opportunity to put together three skirmisher bases of Camel Corps troops.  Unfortunately Connoisseur do not have any more variations in their range for these troops other than an Officer, trooper standing firing and ditto for one kneeling.

Fortunately Redoubt have some very nice figures that are similar in size to Connoisseur (if not a bit better fed!) in a wide variety of poses.

Redoubt Camel Corps Troopers and Officers in skirmish order. 

These are what I used to depict these lads out and about looking for some forage and coming across some locals that may need them to be at their best in order to get back to camp!  Enough variation in pose I think you will agree to give the right look to the unit.


  1. They look very nice, and the two makes merge well. Oddly enough I don't recall our using infantry skirmishers in games. I see their value, but I think we were too scared of getting them chopped up by ambushers! Cavalry, on the other hand, we did use to scout and trip potential ambush sites as they at least had the speed to get out of trouble.

  2. A lovely collection Carlo. It is good to see you guys playing in the Sudan again. It is a great favourite of mine.

  3. Top painting, arranging and basing Carlo. It's great when a wargaming unit has a diorama-type feel about it. Slightly decorative but ultimately entirely practical and useable as we wargamers like 'em!

  4. Thanks so much for your kind comments gents - it is a wonderful period! Looking forward to a big game sometime in January.