24 December 2013

Merry Christmas from the Sudan

Christmas rush at H'Arrids in on the outskirts of downtown Suakin Yorks and Lancs looking for something to roast are also on patrol!  Perhaps a bit of flour and water and a nice fire might even get some 'puds going. 

Well the year has flown!  It has been quite a busy past two months with work, new ERP systems, new procedures, Christmas entertaining , Ashes cricket (pretty good from this part of the globe on this occasion let me tell you!) and just a little bit of wargaming in the Sudan period.

The club has moved to a new location in North Perth with a bar, BBQ on Wednesday nights (Hamburger and a pint for $10.00 anyone?) and the atmosphere is sensational.  Great little place and the members all seem pretty happy.

Christmas mail arriving into port whilst operations go on in the distance.
The Sudan collection has been put away after many months of repainting, re basing and general tarting up of older units and getting newer chaps ready for combat.  To clear the decks so to speak I have moved about 60% into the cabinets that line the wargames room upstairs so as to kick start a few other projects on the go in Napoleonics especially.

The lads are all ready for a quiet rest...only for a little while though.
The big plans for the new year in the Sudan include getting the final pdf version available for anyone who wants it along with the random event cards being printed up and available as well.  Then onto some attempted replicas of some of the Gilder vignettes seen on Alte Fritzs blog as well as Old School Wargamers and the older style magazines still in my possession.

Can never have enough Imperial troops you know!
As well as these chaps...though some still need their bases finished. 
Small project in January perhaps.
I wonder if the Boxing Day sales will be this quiet in your neck of the woods

Though the locals always know where to find a bargain, just off the beaten track.
 Thank you so much for all your wonderful support, friendly comments and encouragements along the way since the blog was launched mid-year.  They are all truly appreciated and give me a little bit more pep when deciding to pick up a brush and put a lick of paint on a figure.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that your families and friends are safe and well.  Here's hoping there is a small metal or book gaming delight in your stocking on Christmas morning.

For me I cannot wait for Christmas night with a glass of port, some walnuts to crack by my side, a slice of Dundee Cake and a good book whilst the boys enjoy their toys and my wife a good movie.



  1. All the best, but I'm sure glad I'm not in the Sudan.

  2. A Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. The Eureka civilian scenes look great

  4. Thanks for sharing your projects with us. It's been a real treat. A Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year to you and yours.

  5. Happy Christmas to you too Carlo - really enjoyed all the Sudan stuff you have done and would definitely like a PDF of the rules.
    Here s to 2014 !

  6. Me too for the PDF... the blog has been an oasis of excellence this year - fantastic effort and I look forward to more

  7. Just lovely Old Chap just lovely

  8. What a beautiful collection you have, and that's quite a Christmas treat for us!

    Where did you get the buildings from? Are they scratch built, or purchased, and do they have usable interiors?

  9. Looking great like always Carlo. I am also very interested in a PDF of the rules and event cards.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments fellas - as always greatly appreciated. Rob the buildings are all scratch built and I have several modular collections of buildings which are visible in various posts. These all have roofs which do come off so troops can be placed inside.

    Thanks to Eureka those civillians really are very good and quite adaptable. These particular fellows have seen the Sudan columns pass by, US Marines creep past, Saracens and Crudaders charge into each other etc. Lovely figures and compliment the Connoissuer models very well.

  11. Fabulous looking terrain.

    Can you remember what colours you used to paint the desert?