6 January 2014

A slight hiatus...but all is not lost!

Not quite Omdurman but there is method to my madness!

Just a quick post to say that though the Sudan goodies are in the cabinet for a while whilst some other distractions take hold, the Sudan Rules project is certainly still very much alive and well.  Now that colleagues are back at work I can work on the other aspects of the rules, the event deck and as mentioned in the last post, the vignettes that I remember from the old Wargames World and Wargames Illustrated magazines way back when.

Also looking at a few more specialised terrain tiles for the games with perhaps dedicated railway head for the various new scenarios in the offing.

In the interim though, quite a bit of focus will be on my Napoleonic Project as explained on my other blog :


I would be quite humbled and appreciative to see some or all of those friendly and supportive chaps who have been following Pyjamas through the Desert visit on occasion to pop over for a look every now and again.

Hopefully another updated "Sudan" post in a week or so, maybe just after our National Wargaming convention in Canberra.



  1. All of us are easily distracted, I think. Wainting for more rules with great interest.

  2. Thanks Juan - will make sure you under one of the first to know when the PDF is available mate. Thanks for your ongoing support and positive feedback.