18 January 2014

Terrain - Villages and other settlements in the Sudan

Small settlement that has seen a great deal of action in recent times
 Quite a few people have commented on the buildings used in our Sudan games and how they like the modular look of the collection.  I must confess to being quite partial to it myself to be truthful and very much like the general appearance and overall atheistic look.

Main centre of town with town square and "domes of gold".
The key aspect when getting these put together was to always be able to use them over a wide gammut of games beit Sudan, French Foreign Legion in Algeria, Modern Australians, Brits and Marines in Afghanistan or the more rural outskirts of Iraq.

Another view of the main town centre
For that wide range of purpose, large 60 figure battalions arching through all the way to six or eight man squads skirmishing through the dusty streets, the roofs come off and figures can be placed inside.

The access point in the roof is just perfect for lifting out the foam card roof.

The buildings were made using foam card and mounted on 3mm MDF by the incredibly talented Troy Keeley many, many moons ago for me.

Another set of buildings - perhaps the Emirs residence to the left?

Love this module...always picture the British and Egyptians marching
down the main street being abused by the locals "Sand Pebbles" style.
 The design also had to incorporate enough room for battalions to deploy on the Guilder size bases as well as modern vehicles and in practise it really does work very well.  The walls are just the right height to offer enough cover for those pesky, albeit inaccurate, Mahdist riflemen as well as local Taliban and other militia.

Think the mix of brown and sand works well for my games.

Another view of the "Long March".

Here's one for the archives ...converted Foundry building from the 1980's!!


  1. Beautiful building Carlo I have to admit I have loved the look of them for a number of years and might just have to build something similar for my Sudan collection.

    1. Thanks Nathan - they slot in very well mate and give the right look. About to visit your site in a minute!

  2. Really nice terrain pieces. I've not quite nailed building for my project, I'm a bit reluctant to build all of my own: never enough time!

    1. I hear you P as the time seems to get tighter and tighter as the years pass. The big progress seems to come in bursts followed by ages of getting unpainted figures out of boxes and putting them away again! Trying to complete a few more now.

  3. Nice work! You say the roofs are detachable but they're so well done it's hard to see any joins.

  4. Very nicely done, Carlos! Most impressive.