18 April 2014

Fuzzy Wuzzy Nordenfeld...now with Dulcote!

Slightly less shiny...just as effective...umm..deadly...well...noisy at least!

In my last post I commented on how I thought the figures may be a bit too shiny, even for me.Well a quick spray of Dulcote this morning and the results are in - like them better in this sheen!

I still think this looks pretty good for an amalgam of three manufacturers and my
limited modelling skills!


  1. Now, they are better; really good vignette.

    We need now the ruleset...

    1. Thanks Juan - not long for the rules now as I am just tidying up some of my "verbage" and trying to make it a bit more attractive.

  2. That must be a much more satisfactory result for you?

    Great stuff.


  3. Thanks Darrell as I hot up thus morning, had another look and thought that these boys were so glossy that they must have just run the London Marathon! Far too sweaty! Happy with the result now.

  4. Well they did just break a square?

  5. Very good Nathan ..."here's to you".
    Big celebrations from the Umpire any time a square gets broken that's for sure! Working on some internal square vignettes as I type.
    Have to love Rudyard Kipling and still enjoy "The Man who would be King" anytime it's on the telly.