31 May 2014

Sudan Vignette - "Get the men to safety!"

Makeshift first aid station in the square.

Sorry for the lack of posts in recent weeks however the Sudan project has been very much on my mind.  The rules are now at the final stage of editing thanks to friend Gerry Elliott of the old WHC in Scarborough.  With this, the decision has been made to make the publication one which we can be proud of.  By that I mean full of photographs, extra gaming information etc.

So, after much thought, the rules will actually be published and made available for sale sometime in the next six weeks.  The plan is then to add a campaign supplement, scenarios etc. as well as some variants on the Sudan period opening it up to games such as Zulu Wars and the Boxer Rebellion.

The end product will be one which I am sure would have been worth the wait.

In the interim there has been an opportunity to put together these small vignettes that hopefully remind some of the regular visitors to the blog of the wonderful pictures of Peter Gilders Sudan games in the early hobby magazines where the pages were full of wonderful miniature scenes.

Redoubt Miniatures Sudan figures with Castaway Arts rifles. 

I still have quite a few of the Redoubt Sudan range, of which were several wonderful stylised figures such as those in the photograph above.  With the addition of some Castaway Arts rifles from Gerry Webb and some older flour bags and boxes/barrels from the local railway model shop, I think the end result looks pretty good.

Redoubt Miniatures Sudan casualty on the edge of the square.

Nice figure bur some wayward synthetic grass needs a bit of a trim!!
Some more updates within the next few weeks.