4 July 2014

A quick update

Egyptian garrison troops move through a small village on their way to a new deployment outside Halfa - Connoissuer figures
with a lovely Cannon Fodder Miniatures Egyptian mounted Colonel with an arm missing and his sleeve pinned.  Very nice.

Just a quick apology or the lack of recent posts as the end of financial year pressures on the real job start to take their toll in terms of spare time.  Thankfully within the next few weeks this will be much more stable and some weekend time can be devoted to a return to the sands of our beloved Sudan...at least on the table!

Slightly elevated view of the same battalion.
The rules have now been given to the graphics designer (a good mate) who has volunteered to tart them up for me and get them ready for printing.  The plan is to have a soft cover 48pp full colour rule set with quick reference guides, die cut random event cards, roster sheets etc. available for purchase by August, just in time for northern hemisphere holidays with a stroke of luck.

The main town in my Sudan engagements - working on some additional vignettes as I type!
If you know of anyone interested in the rule set, tell them to swing by and drop me a line.  At this stage the cost will be about 20 quid plus postage at cost so I hope to make it a worthwhile investment for gamers out there.  The intent as mentioned previously is to also include a scenario book down the track plus some variants to use in other theatres and all supported by its own forum linked to this site.  All the plans of "mice and men" so far...lets keep our fingers crossed.

Until next time - cheers!