20 October 2014

The Sands of Sudan - on sale next week

Sunday markets in the streets of Trinikat.

Well after what seems an eternity the rules are currently being printed and will be available for sale next week.

The final product will be well worth the wait with a full set of rules, campaign rosters, random event cards and a laminated Quick Reference Sheet presenting an all inclusive game system for playing these legendary games from yesteryear.

The QRS will be a 4pp that folds out and also acts as a screen.

The final product will be 44pp soft-cover with full colour throughout and will also include the random event cards which help make the game so unique.

These will be supplied as a separate deck when you grab the rules.
 The rules will retail for AUD40.00 plus AUD10.00 airmail postage worldwide.  I have tried to keep the cost down as much as possible as I am aware it is a very competitive rules market and that their are so many excellent products available.  Hopefully this will stand up against the best of them.

I told you they would be straight!!

The final cover 

Technically I am still a week away from receiving the final product however I am happy to take pre-orders if there are gamers out there who really want to grab a copy as soon as humanly possible.  If, like myself and many other wargamers, you need to have it before anyone else, please email me at :


I will then send you a Paypal Invoice and then dart off to the Post Office sometime next week to send off the goodies.

Thanks to everyone for their support, patience and words of encouragement over this project.  It has been greatly appreciated and has helped keep this ambitious attempt to bring these rules into a published form for the very first time at the forefront of my hobby time.

The plan once this has been out for a while is to produce a campaign set of rules and a scenario book.  If demand and the hobby likes the concept then a Zulu Wars. Indian Mutiny and dare I say it...Varus and Teutoberger Wald Ancients version will follow!

Wish me luck!!!