30 January 2015

Bengal Lancers on patrol

Connoisseur Bengal Lancers.  These were painted for me many years ago by the clever Gerry Webb from Castaway Arts

As you can see all the figures are from the Connoisseur Sudan range from Bicorne Miniatures.  Some of the horses still need to be replaced as they are still Old Glory figures from the old days when it was hard to get your hands on the originals.  These will be replaced in coming months.

1 January 2015

Suakin Field Force article by Michael Barthorp

Beautiful colour plate by Bob Marion accompanied these articles.
 Sometime ago I posted a few photographs of my regiment of the 15th Sikhs from the Indian Contingent that landed in Suakin in 1884.

A few of you asked if I could post the article I quoted from and the full uniform plates from the same piece which was published by the wonderful Military Modelling magazine way back in December 1984 to help commemorate the centenary of the actions of the time.

The original article.  All rights would still be with the author I assume so please acknowledge
 the very clever Michael Barthorp in any scenarios, campaigns and refights please.

Some interesting further reading material noted here at the end of the article.
This particular article was pasted in an old Sudan scrapbook that was given to me many years ago so I couldn't scan the pages traditionally and was forced to photograph and place the images up as a jpeg.  Hopefully they are legible enough for anyone who is interested.
The old Military Modelling magazine was an interesting one for me.  I used to absolutely hang out for the next wargaming magazine, be it Miniature Wargames in the very early issues (up to about 50 I still enjoyed and then they changed their editorial style which lost me).  Wargames Illustrated then became my passion.

Dave Barker from our wargaming club used to get extra Military Modelling magazines from his newsagent in the Northern suburbs and every month he would turn up with a dozen for the members.  Often they were slightly underwhelming however when they were at their best, particularly with Ian Weekley modelling tips and Charles Grant scenarios, they were top notch.

I have a good deal of articles which will be of interest I think for wargamers of this particular colonial period so I will add them whenever possible in the interests of furthering knowledge of the period and in the hope that I am not infringing anyones copyright.

Happy New Year to all until next time.