25 March 2015

"The Sands of Sudan" rules sell out - but reinforcements are on their way...

The camels are waiting patiently for the rules to arrive back from the printers and then
its top speed off to the Post Office for mailing!  "Can you see anything coming down the Nile Gordon old chap?".
  Well if you told me when I started this project that the rules would sell out within three months of being published I would have said you had sand in your head...literally!

However that is exactly what has happened.  On the back of some excellent word of mouth between the wargaming fraternity and some additional publicity at Cancon in Australia (our big wargaming weekend) and through Miniature Wargames, the first print run is simply a memory.

Never mind though as another print run is due to be delivered this week and ready for immediate dispatch.  To all those patient souls who have paid and await the rules apologies for the additional time taken to get them out.  I have added in a explanatory "How to prepare your deck" card in the Random Events just to further clarify how to use them to their very best effect in your games.

A copy will be loaded up on the blog as well for those who received the first print run.

Will keep everyone posted on further developments. 

13 March 2015

The Sands of Sudan catches on...

A shot showing Nathans "The Sands of Sudan" rules being used for Zulu Wars

One of the most satisfying aspects of bringing together the famous Gilder Sudan rules has been the photographs, links, comments and blogs where gamers from all over the world have sent through details of their projects and work.

To be a small part of the resurgence in wargaming the Sudan, along with other publications such as Black Powder, Sword and the Flame, Science versus Pluck etc. is sensational.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to show off some of the fine blogs from some very talented wargaming folks from all four corners of the wargaming world.

Firstly the very famous Lonely Gamers site has a cult following amongst the hobby and Nathan is a friend as well.  He has played games not only in the Sudan but also adapted the rules to fight the Anglo invasion of Zululand.  As most of you are aware the plan is later in the year to produce a Sudan Campaign set of rules as well as the first adaption of the "Sudan" to be able to play Zulu Wars alongst with a dedicated Random Event Card deck as well.

In the meantime check out Nathans work at :


Nathans Zulu game can be seen here:


Stephen Dix at the Norsey Gamer is really cracking away at his Sudan battles:


Graham C is building his Sudan force in 15mm and it should be spectacular.  Graham is extremely well known around wargaming circles as the fine proprietor of Crann Tara Miniatures and his talent knows no bounds as his blog will attest:


Though there are no Sudan pictures on his blog yet, be assured his work is sensational and we are all looking forward to his first battle report.

Andy Lawson from Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire has a seriously wonderful Sudan collection and his their new blog promises to have many photographs of the collection in coming months:


Now lets talk about someone with a serious megalomania problem...and I say that in the most endearing fashion possible.

Dave Doc is single handedly painting every Connoisseur figure ever cast since Peter Gilder was in short pants.

Check out the uprising at:


Please keep on sending through photographs, stories, anecdotes and plans as I enjoy all my correspondence and promise to reply to each and every one.  In fact the fear may be that you keep on hearing from me!!

1 March 2015

Mahdist Commanders in the Sudan - Perry Miniatures

The Chosen One in all his glory 
I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to post some pictures of some Sudan Commanders for the Mahdists that I have recently based.  These are all metal figures from the excellent Perry Miniatures Sudan range and the detail on all of them is particularly exquisite.

Love this figure - looks suitably menacing with his sword over his shoulder.

Leading on the brave Hadendowah is this beautiful Commander from the range

Rearing on its hind legs this particular commander is a favourite

Osman Digna himself.  The character is full of the details that one sees in the famous photograph of him following
his capture by the British. 

I will post some slightly older Mahdist Commanders later in the week including some favourites on foot from the Connoisseur Range.