16 October 2015

Set up for the weekends game...

Looking down the table towards the Imperial starting positions

It has been far too long since the Sudan figures and boards have been out upstairs so this weekend will be a milestone.  Both my sons will play the part of our British commanders and this can be a refresher in time for a larger game with some new players to the Sudan from the club scheduled for before Christmas.

Hope the scrub has no surprises!

The scenario should be an interesting one.

The High Command have been tasked with helping local and British Civil authorities to help construct a rail link between Trinikat and the outlying regions.  A line is already in place from Suakin however activities in the west have curtailed progress for a time.

Having sent off three companies of Sudanese Infantry as well as a company of Kents', the engineering officers and surveyors have not been heard of for over two weeks.   To make things more intriguing, the Gunboat Sapphire which was dispatched a week ago has also not been seen or heard from.

Bit more gloss varnish needed for those rivers methinks.

Even though the river runs the length of the table, surprises can still pop out!

Suspecting foul play, General Graham has sent off a small column to see what is going on, rescue anyone who may be in distress and most importantly, retrieve that all important surveying equipment.

Stay tuned for updates over the weekend.