12 March 2016

Royal Marine Light Infantry return to the Sudan

Royal Marine Light Infantry advance along the banks of the Nile

Two new posts within a week!

Surely not!  What black magic is at work in the "Pyjamas" household to have this occur?

Yes, it is a minor miracle and I have taken the opportunity to finish the basing on some figures which I sent off to DPS to repaint about two years ago and now have finally gotten to basing.

These chaps are from, once again, the wonderful Sudan range of figures from Connoisseur and available through Bicorne Miniatures (their link is at the bottom of this page if you want to browse their wonderful catalogue and ever improving website).  Originally these were painted in the blue jackets and trousers as depicted in the Osprey MAA "Sudan Campaign" book.

Very different than the current depiction of the uniform

However researtch that has come to light as well as various discoveries in other old wargaming magazines and online actually depict these fellows in more of a grey uniform as can be seen.

Chaps march by under the watchful eye of their Colonel.

Close up to depict the level of detail still able to be picked out with a brush despite their
being scuplted and designed decades ago. Bravo Mr Gilder!

Still need to put a few more licks of gloss varnish onto that Nile!

The Colonel is actually mounted on an old Hinchcliffe horse I had lying about and I think he suits the Connoisseur Colonel perfectly.  Obviously the poor mare is seeking whatever it can in this god forsaken country to nibble on before heading back into camp later in the evening.

Some more refreshed Naval Brigade to follow as well as some Emirs that have been recently rebased and made ready in homage to the old photographs in Wargames World all those years ago.

Until then.


  1. Nice to see the reinforcements!

    1. Thanks Dave - as the post says I have been a bit tardy in these "reinforcements" getting to the battlefield. I promise to be better this year!

  2. These are good figures, that pool looks tempting in the desert heat too!
    I wish Bicorne would put up piccies of the whole range, it's very hard to buy without seeing first.
    Have fun,

    1. Thanks JJ - yes it was 33 degrees C today so it was nice to have a dip this afternoon. I think James is getting there slowly on the range-I would love to see all the Napoleonics as well.

  3. Very nice indeed Carlo. I do not have any of these fine lads in my collection so I might have to get cracking I think.

    1. Glad you like them Natan. These are uniformed for post 1885 as they were in the blue trousers and jackets in 1882.

  4. "Two new posts within a week!" Steady on old boy you're making some of us look bad ... errr ... um ...worse! ��

    It's always nice to finally get that new / refurbished unit to the table. I imagine that the feeling is magnified with such a strong unit. Bravo.

    von Peter himself

    1. Why thank you kind sir - but I have been very lax on the Sudan front Peter so feel like I need to buck up my ideas.

      I was thinking of you the other day when my Imperial Sunset arrived full of new 1813-14 GdB scenarios. Right up your alley my boy!