11 December 2017

The Battle is fought and campaign returns issued

One of the original photos of this particular battle. Excuse the glare on the very glossy prints of the time.
The battle was fought and won by the Imperial column after quite an early fright.  I had set out a campaign system very closely aligned to what I had managed to garner from Peter Gilders articles in Wargames World and Miniature Wargames.  This involved several aspects of returns for Imperial casualties which worked very well with what we were trying to achieve.

The Royal Marine Light Infantry in blue ( now repainted correctly in grey) advance.

I thought that it would be quite entertaining to maintain the narrative efforts in describing the battles and events and so decided that each return would be an ongoing campaign log of every unit that fought in the actual club games.  Therefore the returns for each column would have a brief description of the unit, how it fought, if any particular highlights or moments of glory had occurred etc.

A simple format which hopefully would give all the information required

A bit of a laugh when reviewing this all these years later!

The Umpires Master map with a quick overview of where everyone is and what may
be awaiting them in the coming campaign season!

I will include a few of the campaign rules in the next post and a few more details on how these were arrived upon and expanded to incorporate what we felt would be an ideal colonial feel for fighting table top battles in "The Sands of Sudan".

The Mahdist masses head towards a bit more shading and dipping in future years!