21 May 2018

Theatre of Operations Overview

The overall campaign map - direct photocopy from an early Wargames World

With two battles having been fought and a wonderful series of orders from players with some hopefully entertaining returns, the campaign was kicking along nicely.  It was always important to be able to have an overall understanding of who was where and with whom, almost the plot for most episodes of "Real Housewives" but I digress...

The campaign map was given to the players showing them approximate locations of reported enemy as well as their exact positions.  It certainly did not contain the level of information as shown in the particular image accompanying this post.

The squares with the orange "x" designated areas where the Mahdi's influence was growing and where Imperial encounters with enemy forces would be of a more "voluminous nature"!  In other words, "There would Mahdists sir, thousands of 'em".

You can see from the map that the railway is taking shape and is making its was to Otoa having already linked with the village of Handeb.

Garrisons can be seen in their last reported positions and the columns and Gunboats are slowly making their way across the desert and down the Nile.

17 May 2018

Major General Davis victorious at Osmar Wells

These lads always have a lot of work to do on the campaign.  Lovely Connoisseur Miniatures model through
Bicornes Miniatures in the UK.  Great looking piece of equipment in my opinion.
As reported last  post, the good Major General Davis is very keen to take on the Mahdists at Osmar Wells despite the enemy being present in great force.

Original photos from the battle all those years ago.

The Royal Marine Light Infantry have since been given their correct uniforms

The very rudimentary early paint jobs have all been revisited thoroughly here as well

An early effort at the reporting of the campaign from Fleet Street

What a stirring account!
Roger Fredericks really does have a way with words especially with a victory in the nostrils
and a stiff glass of brandy and a cigar of course alongside his Remington Typewriter

As always the Campaign Roster makes interesting reading

A mini-unit history as every battle and action unfolds

The Royal Marine Light Infantry are already looking a little thin in the ranks

Summary of the columns state of play

Next post will provide an overview of the entire theatre of operations and a map to detail where everyone is at this stage of the campaign.

15 May 2018

The Battle of Osmar Wells - OOB and Victory conditions

Not Osmar Wells on this occasion however another vital feature in a game played last year

Apologies once again for the tardiness of campaign updates.  As you recall, the previous series of returns had found our intrepid Major General David facing hostile forces outside the village of Osmar Wells on March 14th. 1884.

As always the players were provided with a detailed OOB

Deployment and initial dispositions were always vitally important.  As the umpire
it was always critical for me to ensure previous standing orders and instructions
were followed to a tee in order to...ahem..hamstring the lads where necessary.

A few added snippets just to stir the rum punch a bit!

Another more recent photo which I really like.

The actual battle report and a few old nostalgic shots towards the end of the week...I promise.