17 May 2018

Major General Davis victorious at Osmar Wells

These lads always have a lot of work to do on the campaign.  Lovely Connoisseur Miniatures model through
Bicornes Miniatures in the UK.  Great looking piece of equipment in my opinion.
As reported last  post, the good Major General Davis is very keen to take on the Mahdists at Osmar Wells despite the enemy being present in great force.

Original photos from the battle all those years ago.

The Royal Marine Light Infantry have since been given their correct uniforms

The very rudimentary early paint jobs have all been revisited thoroughly here as well

An early effort at the reporting of the campaign from Fleet Street

What a stirring account!
Roger Fredericks really does have a way with words especially with a victory in the nostrils
and a stiff glass of brandy and a cigar of course alongside his Remington Typewriter

As always the Campaign Roster makes interesting reading

A mini-unit history as every battle and action unfolds

The Royal Marine Light Infantry are already looking a little thin in the ranks

Summary of the columns state of play

Next post will provide an overview of the entire theatre of operations and a map to detail where everyone is at this stage of the campaign.


  1. Hi Carlo. Whilst the Imperial dead are not huge, looking at the rosters, a huge amount of men are wounded. What would happen if the decimated column was attacked again? Who would stand for the fight? I absolutely love the newspaper report of the action. A wonderful way to present it to the players and us avid readers back home in Blighty. Keep it up.

    1. Ahhh now there's the rub my old boy...what happens if they get hit again? That is certainly the best part about playing in any wargames campaign in any theatre or genre, the fact that you fight battles with fatigued and reduced men in the ranks following every engagement. Glad you are enjoying the posts.

  2. I am sort of hoping that it does happen in a future game to see how it plays out. Then we can see the true Brit grit.

  3. Well you never know what the coming weeks just may bring old WB.