20 June 2018

Sudan skirmish at the NWS

Young Stan, whose collection this is, contemplates the lay of the land

A great game was played the other week at the club which, though not a "Sands of Sudan" game, was an absolute stunner.

Stan, Craig and Chris decided to play a game of "The Man Who Would be King", a skirmish style game very different in size to the rules we normally play for this period.  I thought the table looked spectacular and simply ha to put some photos on the blog to sparkle the visual senses.

The baggage is placed on the table - wonderful sculpts

Its amazing how the right trees can instantly transport you to the Dark Continent

The Imperial patrol makes its way up the track

The outpost awaits some relief

Beautiful signal tower

The Mahdists are yet to make their appearance but I had to race...

Wonderful looking collection.