9 July 2018

28mm Connoisseur Sudan Collection - taking stock

The cupboard is far from bare!  The lads awaiting another outing.

With the exciting news that Mark Freeth and Dave Docherty are taking the Sudan back to its spiritual home at the Wargames Holiday Centre for a Sudan mini-campaign week, I thought I would quickly have a look through the collection and see what additions may be required.

Anyone who looks on at Daves excellent One man and his brushes blog would see his Sudan collection is absolutely sensational.  He and Mark intend to put on a campaign week with a mix of "The Sands of Sudan" and "Blackpowder" in order to even further expose this great Colonial period to more wargamers globally.

Well done that man!

With that in mind I thought I would do a quick stocktake myself and see whats in the cupboard and what else needs a bit of work.

The first of the shelves heaving with Mahdist Camels and cavalry

The mighty Fuzzy Wuzzies as Kipling would call them.  Sensational and savage Beja warriors.

A mass of Egyptians, Sudanese Regulars and some Royal Marine Light Infantry on this one

Highlanders, Yorks and Lancs as well as some Nordenfeldts and Artillery

Camel Corps, Lancers and Hussars dominate here.

Naval Brigade, Bengal Lancers, Vignettes and commanders abound!

You can never have enough Hadendowah!

As you can see there are quite a few figures in the collection with more awaiting basing.  Quite a few plans for the next twelve months so we will need to keep the motivation high and watch on for the wonderful videos and pictures coming out of the WHC later in the year.

It should be magnificent.