26 April 2019

On the workbench waiting to be based

Connoisseur Miniatures Fuzzy Wuzzy Warriors awaiting basing - brave and formidable enemy for the Imperials!

Well for those of you thinking that I am simply ignoring the Sudan for areas of other interest within my wargaming battles you are only partially correct.

I have been very much enjoying the Ancients gaming in recent times as well as some excellent Marlburian Black Powder games and still building up my Napoleonic 1805-07 project for General D'Armee.

However I did take out a few trays of figures recently which are due for basing and readiness for battles down the track...

Some British, maybe even New South Wales battery for some Australian  gunners
Some more Hadendowah cavalry and foot to help add some more bases to the masses
These have been sitting in draws for some time however I'm in the mood to get them based and on the table soon for a few scenario play tests in coming months.

A younger Ben, Mike and Steve push around some lead

Still have a few campaign updates to share in coming weeks as well.

The rules are certainly still available so drop me a line and I can [pass on more details.

All the best