14 May 2019

Another Docherty and Freeth Sudan spectacular at the WHC

Some of the action from the weekends action.  Photo from Dave's excellent blog "One man and his Brushes"

It is always a thrill to see a great wargame in action.

Since Mark Freeth has taken over the Wargames Holiday Centre and established himself in Basingstoke the games have been so wonderfully promoted on blogs, social media and live video feeds that you are able to "feel" the enjoyment from the lucky fellows that are in the thick of the action on the day.

Over the past weekend Mark Freeth and Dave Docherty (Mr One Man and His Brushes - superb blog!) have put on another spectacular "The Sands of Sudan" weekend with true Peter Gilder style and panache.

When I decided all those years ago to put together the rules and publish them for the first time, it was always to promote the period and the style of "us against the umpire" games which are always so much fun.  It is so pleasing to see the Sudan grow in popularity across the globe in the past five years, whatever the rules being played.  It is such an aesthetically pleasing period and one photographs superbly.

In the UK Dave Docherty has been a driving force in making these games so popular both on the show circuit and at the WHC.  Good man.

You can see so many superb photos here and also, if you do have Facebook, you should search out the Wargames Holiday Centre and follow them and Mark.  You will be so incredibly pleased you did.


  1. Thanks Carlo ... another great weekend was had. One of the guys was flicking through the rule book and found the reference to Captain Docherty,,,and then twigged!

    1. Now that is funny Dave. I really need to get over for on next year mate as I think a weekend with yourself, M,ark and the lads could be quite adventurous.

  2. Excellent! Great to see the Sudan tradition at the WHC continuing.

    1. Absolutely AJ and as we all know, you were right there in the thick of it during the Gilder days you lucky man! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that new wargames room is getting a lot of use.