6 August 2015

Sudan rules back in stock, new figures to base and some advice on the deck!


Some basing work that starts tonight!
  First up please accept my apologies for the lack of posts on the "Through the Desert" blog in recent months.  Those of you who have been following my gaming exploits on the "Through a Whiff of Grapeshot" blog would see that I haven't been the lazy so and so some of you may have assumed I have become!

Our clubs Waterloo celebrations and my role as the President of the Napoleonic Wargaming Society required just a bit of a prioritising through March, April, June and July.

However the time has come to get the desert juices flowing again and see what we can do to add to the collection.

Firstly can I say that the third printing of "The Sands of Sudan" is now complete complete.

If you know anyone who may be interested in grabbing a copy please pass them onto this site.  The Australian dollar is as low as it has been in five years so probably never a better time to grab a copy:

"The Sands of Sudan" Rules, laminated Quick Reference Sheet and the deck of Random Event Cards.  AUD40.00 plus AUD18.00 worldwide postage and packaging.

Email me at : carlopagano@bigpond.com to order.

The new addition to the deck for explanatory purposes

Talking about the deck, we have printed an additional card as seen above which helps answer a few queries about how best to use them when playing your own scenarios and games at home or club.  I have included it here so anyone who grabbed the first edition can have a look just to make sure they up to speed on what the intent of the "Random Events" are within the structure of the battle.

Some very diverse figures awaiting some tender loving care and action on the table.

Those of you who have been following my blogs for awhile realise that cricket is a great passion of mine.  Ashes cricket is close to heaven as far as I am concerned and a tour of England even better still!

The plan is to try and knock off the Royal Marine Light Infantry resplendent in their grey trousers and tunics with white helmets and webbing whilst we Aussies are endeavouring to knock off this 2-1 deficit after the disaster at Edgbaston!  More runs on the board lads, more runs.

Fuzzy Wuzzies seeking a base, some sand and a bit of British sticking practise.

Connoisseur artillery crewmen alongside Fred Burnaby from Redoubt - all ready for some treatment.

Hopefully we can very much get quite a few of them based in the next week and then get into the scenario and campaign book that has been on the cards for quite sometime.

At present I am seeking some guidance from Sudan wargamers across the globe to see if they would prefer another print version or one in a pdf format.  If you have an opinion, please let me know.

With promises of another update within the month, enjoy the hobby, lets hope we win the toss and make a few on day one.