21 December 2015

Azara concludes...but not without some modern day hiccups!

The Hussars earn their salt!

Well it has been much longer than I would have anticipated in terms of updating the blog with the events of the battle of Azara.  However modern technology conspired to make the next, and final instalment, a brief one.

Having played the game out and taken many photographs over two sessions, it appears the concluding myriad of images have been corrupted in some modern way which this poor Luddite was unable to fix.  Suffice to say that though the game was great fun, the images are never to be seen again.

Oh well.

I will add in some shots of the game that have survived and then give a bit of a summation of events at the end of this all to brief post.

Camels and Fuzzies in the rear - however the screw gun played its part

The column continues their advance towards Azara

The forces are starting to split and that could prove hideous.  These lads were to dish out a fair degree of pain upon the
pursuing enemy forces especially the hordes of camelry they consistently threatened the rear without ever closing 

Fresh Mahdist cavalry arrive on the flank

The battle was an intriguing one which could well have proved disastrous for the Imperial forces if not for some very poor reaction tests from the locals and some even worse melee roles from the same.

The precious surveying equipment was recovered in part however so the mission was deemed to be at the very least a muted success.  However the team of engineers and surveyors were not to be found and local intelligence from one Lieutenant Faversham indicated that they had not met an evil and final fate bit had been moved to a nearby village.

One thinks a fresh game with a new camera may well be in order.