3 April 2016

Naval Brigade for "The Sands of Sudan"

"Steady lads an don't even think about those apples!"

I have been promising a few shots of the refreshed Connoisseur Naval Brigade for the Sudan and after a few weeks here they are.  These were given a fresh gloss varnish with a few additional details added in, however my attempts to paint in their vessel details on the hat band were futile and, dare I say, amateurish!

Another angle as the lads move through a small village on the plains of Tukar
 A bit of paint added to the bases to match up a little better on the terrain boards and a few tufts for variation were added for good measure.  These lads invariably get quite a bit of action as they do look great on the table and they do need to support those Nordenfelds when they are also in a formation.

These goat herder thinks a three company escort is a pretty good and secure
way to get his livestock to market intact!

As an aside, we do have a bit of fun with these lads whenever they are on the field of battle.  Not far from where we live is located an exclusive girls private school who still wear their boaters as part of their uniform throughout the year.  They look very smart as well may I add.

Whenever these lads tend to not perform at their martial, masculine best we do tend to table them quickly as the PLC Girls on a daytime excursion!

Those "boaters" look pretty good on these lads!