23 January 2018

"Where is that wily fox Osman Digna?"

Not a photo depicting action from this weeks returns but a favourite nevertheless.

The week two returns were a joy to put together.  As mentioned in the previous posts, the fact that the players who were in the campaign took to the colour and atmosphere of a Victorian Colonial campaign with gusto absolutely made it a breeze.

The first page of Bullers returns from the Umpire, namely me!

Page two...always nice to have a bit of poetic license.

General Stewart appears to have a few things on his mind...

...as well as some challenges.

Scope for a bit of colour is the aim on these returns.

Despite the occasional grammatical error and question marks being omitted I like to
think it still reads well all these years later.

Not all correspondence is one way.  Major General Davis sends off a missive to his
Commander in Chief to make sure he knows whats' going on...

...and to ensure that vital supplies are not lost ion transit.

Gin may not be the first thing on his mind though.

Nothing like the battle being taken up to the boys in khaki.

Short and to the point methinks!

15 January 2018

The Campaign starts to warm up as order changes abound!

Time for some relaxing activities in camp outside Suakin.  "Now one needs to get some practise in before those lads
from the colony of New South Wales finally decide to arrive!"  Captain Lambton certainly looks the part.
The Sudan Campaign started up again shortly after the victorious action at Tukar Plains.  The forces continued to push on and the efforts to relieve the desert of the enemy was certainly gaining some momentum despite the occasional "challenge" put in front of the players.

Revised orders from General Graham start to make their way around the desert

Nothing worse than a message signed off from the boss in "disbelief"

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Redvers Bullers notes to the umpire prior to returns.  Very well written sir!

Now that's a lot of camels...whatever you do, don't get caught down wind.

As one can tell, the players were certainly getting into the spirit of the campaign and the correspondence and general esprit d'corps was outstanding.  The campaign was about to start to heat up literally as the forces of the Mahdi and his very trusty Lieutenant's were about to make life difficult for the Imperials...well in a gaming sense at least.