6 April 2020

Ambush Cards - last deck for sale in rules bundle

Still love the background map artwork in the rules and cards

Well I had a few decks of “Ambush Cards” printed up a while back and I thought I would offer them to a few Solo Wargamers as part of a rules bundle to both support some gamers in isolation and to obviously give the rules a bit of extra promotion during a time where wargaming with opponents may be problematic.
A few variants

The cards (I actually refer to them often as Dave Docherty cards because having a deck rather than a dice roll for ambushes was his idea - brilliant!) are a small deck in card numbers which can be loaded or planned bu the umpire in a variety of ways dependant upon the scenario etc.  The players actually pick and turn over the card, adding to the tension, whenever they get to a predetermined potential ambush area.

So one deck left included in the set of the rules of “The Sands of Sudan” which also incorporates the QRS and large Random Event deck.  Price is AUD70 (new price to offset postage increases at the end of March unfortunately) including postage anywhere in the world.

If you feel like grabbing this particular set or just the rules in general please feel free to drop me a line via : carlopagano@bigpond.com

Cheers for now and stay safe