1 July 2021

Some thoughts going forward


A meeting of the local town council tries to make sense of the action on the outskirts

Its been far too long placing another post on the blog.  I promise its been for the very best of reasons in terms of work, family and simply more time playing in other games and periods.  Napoleonic's and Ancients have been a major focus for quite sometime however the call of the Sudan has certainly been still there.

Obviously the rules are continuing to be incredibly popular as demand for them is still strong and the images on various blogs and social media of the period are still very prevalent.  Its great that the Sudan is being played no matter what the rule system is - Sands, BlackPowder, The Sword and the Flame etc.

A square prepares for the enemy

Just a reminder about loading the deck for every game.  If your game is set for 30 turns then
30 -35 cards is what you need to load the deck with.  Make sure the cards match the forces
 you have available to you and make some up for yourself at the same time with the blanks.

Some beautiful old Connoisseur Sudan British Infantry

The plans are to start to work on a long delayed series of scenarios for the Sudan, especially geared with the old Gilder feel to it and in many cases, scenarios related to me from many gamers who took part in the actual games with Peter at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Obviously some new scenarios will also make there way onto the blog and if you are always looking for immediate inspiration, have a look at what the current Wargames Holiday Centre and Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire are planning alongside Sudan aficionado Dave Docherty.  Those games are always top shelf and of the very highest order.  

Im aiming for at least a post a month from now on so stay tuned.