14 July 2016

"Steady lads, wait for it...wait for it..."

Wonderfully colourful Ansar formation prepare to hit the corner of the square!

A quick post to highlight one of my favourite shots when we were putting together "The Sands of Sudan" rules.  This one portrays a particularly colourful and enthusiastic group of Mahdist spears preparing to assault the Imperial square.  This side is defended by four companies of the "Yorks and Lancs" as well as a Gardener gun and a Naval escort.

Once again the beautiful proportions of the Connoisseur Miniatures from an anatomical and aesthetic perspective are wonderful.

Dismounted infantry on the other side of the square
At present I am preparing a summary of some "Optional Rules" that have come in from around the globe in recent months to include in a future edition of he rules as well as into the planned campaign and scenario supplement once that gets up some momentum again.