10 February 2024

Normal Programming has resumed…celebrations all round!


Hello to all.

After contemplating a change in direction for the blogs a few weeks ago I’ve decided to reinstate them again and see how they evolve. Blogger can be a cumbersome beast to create content with compared to some other media however it deserves some more opportunities going forward.

Let’s see what 2024 brings.

2 September 2023

“Friendly Natives” - Random Event Cards for The Sudan

A wide range of Connoisseur figures on this particular vignette base

I thought I’d show a few shots of some pieces specifically for certain cards which can appear in the Events Deck whenever we play The Sands of Sudan.

The first one is the very interesting “Friendly Natives”.

As you can see from the base above, I’ve tried to use quite a varied array of the figures from the Connoisseur range for the Sudan. Most of these were designed and sculpted by Peter Gilder specifically for these rules that were played at The Wargames Holiday Centre.

A very interesting conundrum awaits the Imperial Commander if this is drawn in a game 

This particular card presents all kinds of opportunities and potential challenges for the British Column Commander.  If the formation is in a hurry, which inevitably it is, does one wait about stationary for up to six turns whilst the garrison may be getting swept away?

Or does one simply cast it aside and accept whatever consequences, if any, may eventuate later in the battle.  I have seen both options taken with hysterical and highly entertaining results.

30 September 2022

A chance to say thank you

The rules in the flesh…so to speak

 Hi to all.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback and comments from Ken Reilleys great podcast show of which I had the great privilege of being on. Kens a star.

I did miss a great opportunity to  thank a few very important people who at the embryonic stage of putting the rules together gave me great encouragement and information.  In fact in the podcast Ken actually asks about people who sent information in etc. and for done reason it just didn’t register. I’m putting it down to being interviewed by a bonafide wargaming personality.

So I wanted to thank some other “stars” who assisted in so many ways.

“ AJ” in the very early days gave me lots of great information and stories on his memories of the Enchanted Cottage and the WHC and the Sudan rules including various scenarios and background. That really helped me understand that this was a project. His blog   AJ’s Wargames Table  by the way is a cracker!

DC from Unfashionably Shiny was always so keen on things progressing and provided great 


Steve from Steve’s Randmn Musings on Wargaming was so supportive as well with feedback on his reference sheets.

So many great people - Gerry and Mike especially.  Dave “ Carry on with those Camels” Docherty for his promotion on the web and wargaming shows and Dave Ryan who is a great supporter through the excellent Caliver Books.

Of course Mark at the WHC and Richard and Andy at Legendary Wargames who continue to support the rules and showcase them at their excellent wargaming centres.

If I’ve missed anybody please accept my sincere apologies.

Thanks to all and please keep the stories and information coming. 

3 September 2022

“Yarkshire Reet Big Game Podcast” guest spot


Lots of fun was had this week.

I as chuffed to be asked by Ken Riley of the fantastic Yarkshire Reet Big Game podcast to come onto his show and chat about my wargaming story and most importantly, discuss the putting together of The Sands of Sudan rules.

For those who haven’t previously listened to Ken he has a tremendous passion for the hobby and a unique interview style which is both entertaining and highly enjoyable.  I had a ball as we chatted for over two and a half hours.  

Copied directly below from Kens FB page is his description of the podcast. Do yourselves a favour and subscribe to channel as the past guests are fantastic and once again very interesting.

“It's been a month or so since the last episode so it's great to be back with another Big Game Chat.

This time we are off to Perth, Australia to talk with Carlo Pagano about wargaming in general and his reconstitution of Peter Gilders Sands of Sudan Rules.


As usual we had disappeared down a rabbit hole within 15 minutes of the start but I'm sure you all tune into wargames Podcasts to discover the difference between Crown and Flat Green Bowling anyway !

It's back to the usual 4 part format, we learn about Carlos' wargaming history and his love of Big Games. Whilst the Quiz reveals yet more food choices from your Local Fish and Chip Shop as well as what pet hate has been banished into Wargames Room 101.

The Big Topic is all about Colonial Wargaming, something we haven't covered before on the show so there is a good chat about that before we move onto the Sands of Sudan Rules.

Carlo has managed to piece together the rules from old scraps of paper left at the Wargames Holiday Centre and information provided by former players. The rules have never been formally published as they were used as a bit of a palette cleanser between Big Napoleonic or ACW games during the Wargaming Weeks that Peter used to run.

Carlo has his website at


The rules can be obtained in the UK from Caliver Books


And directly from Carlo in Australia.

it's great to be back on air and I've got guests booked in now till Xmas and pencilled in until Feb 2023, having too many guests is a nice problem to have.

My next guest is Painter and Author Mark Hides, a Yorkshire Lad, Tune in, in a couple of weeks time as we find out more about life as a Professional Figure Painter”

The Yarkshire Gamer”

If you get a chance, have a listen and support Kens fantastic podcast channel. It’s truly great fun and a fillip for the hobby.

8 April 2022

Time to get the column moving again!

A little bit of fun with the rules and some odds and ends I had in the 
Wargames room for just such a frivolous occasion!

Hi to all those faithful and dutiful Wargamers and lovers of the Sudan Colonial period got wargaming who still visit the site despite the glacial rate of updates in recent times.  The blog still gets excellent  traffic and the period and rules are still very popular however recent years have seen some serious pressures on my time to keep the flow going to a level which would the great Peter Gilders rules would deserve.

However enough is enough and the time has come for the column to leave the zeriba and makes its way onto the field once again.

A mix of very old and new buildings in this shot of the raging action

From the great game we played “Rescue the Governor”

We are going to look through the frequently asked questions on the rules, mechanisms to add some additional flavour into the base rules and start to add basic campaign rules which can add to any group of gamers or solo player who wishes to fight a campaign.

Nice again if anyone wants to get in contact simply email me at: carlopagano@bigpond.com.

It would also be fantastic if you could put Sands of Sudan in the subject line.

Stay posted.

1 July 2021

Some thoughts going forward


A meeting of the local town council tries to make sense of the action on the outskirts

Its been far too long placing another post on the blog.  I promise its been for the very best of reasons in terms of work, family and simply more time playing in other games and periods.  Napoleonic's and Ancients have been a major focus for quite sometime however the call of the Sudan has certainly been still there.

Obviously the rules are continuing to be incredibly popular as demand for them is still strong and the images on various blogs and social media of the period are still very prevalent.  Its great that the Sudan is being played no matter what the rule system is - Sands, BlackPowder, The Sword and the Flame etc.

A square prepares for the enemy

Just a reminder about loading the deck for every game.  If your game is set for 30 turns then
30 -35 cards is what you need to load the deck with.  Make sure the cards match the forces
 you have available to you and make some up for yourself at the same time with the blanks.

Some beautiful old Connoisseur Sudan British Infantry

The plans are to start to work on a long delayed series of scenarios for the Sudan, especially geared with the old Gilder feel to it and in many cases, scenarios related to me from many gamers who took part in the actual games with Peter at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Obviously some new scenarios will also make there way onto the blog and if you are always looking for immediate inspiration, have a look at what the current Wargames Holiday Centre and Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire are planning alongside Sudan aficionado Dave Docherty.  Those games are always top shelf and of the very highest order.  

Im aiming for at least a post a month from now on so stay tuned.

20 June 2020

The Yorkshire Campaign battles on in the Sudan...

How good does that look folks?  

Or should this particular blog post title in fact read "The Sudan Campaign battles on in Yorkshire"?

The campaign at the Legendary Wargames continues on unabated.  The fighting looks fierce and objectives have yet to be achieved across all fronts.

Richard has been kinder enough to and through some more shots of their excellent game and it is always my pleasure to support and publicize wonderful actions and superb looking wargaming in "The Sudan".  Even better is that this one is using "The Sands of the Sudan" rules.

Well done lads!

Great looking Egyptian battalion

Now that is a wargaming set-up folks.  Great looking tables.

Looking forward to continuing to follow the action.

Remember if you would like to purchase a set of the rules, with laminated quick reference sheet and Random Event Card deck inclusive of air freight globally for AUD75.00 simply drop me a line at :


Best wishes