8 April 2022

Time to get the column moving again!

A little bit of fun with the rules and some odds and ends I had in the 
Wargames room for just such a frivolous occasion!

Hi to all those faithful and dutiful Wargamers and lovers of the Sudan Colonial period got wargaming who still visit the site despite the glacial rate of updates in recent times.  The blog still gets excellent  traffic and the period and rules are still very popular however recent years have seen some serious pressures on my time to keep the flow going to a level which would the great Peter Gilders rules would deserve.

However enough is enough and the time has come for the column to leave the zeriba and makes its way onto the field once again.

A mix of very old and new buildings in this shot of the raging action

From the great game we played “Rescue the Governor”

We are going to look through the frequently asked questions on the rules, mechanisms to add some additional flavour into the base rules and start to add basic campaign rules which can add to any group of gamers or solo player who wishes to fight a campaign.

Nice again if anyone wants to get in contact simply email me at: carlopagano@bigpond.com.

It would also be fantastic if you could put Sands of Sudan in the subject line.

Stay posted.

1 July 2021

Some thoughts going forward


A meeting of the local town council tries to make sense of the action on the outskirts

Its been far too long placing another post on the blog.  I promise its been for the very best of reasons in terms of work, family and simply more time playing in other games and periods.  Napoleonic's and Ancients have been a major focus for quite sometime however the call of the Sudan has certainly been still there.

Obviously the rules are continuing to be incredibly popular as demand for them is still strong and the images on various blogs and social media of the period are still very prevalent.  Its great that the Sudan is being played no matter what the rule system is - Sands, BlackPowder, The Sword and the Flame etc.

A square prepares for the enemy

Just a reminder about loading the deck for every game.  If your game is set for 30 turns then
30 -35 cards is what you need to load the deck with.  Make sure the cards match the forces
 you have available to you and make some up for yourself at the same time with the blanks.

Some beautiful old Connoisseur Sudan British Infantry

The plans are to start to work on a long delayed series of scenarios for the Sudan, especially geared with the old Gilder feel to it and in many cases, scenarios related to me from many gamers who took part in the actual games with Peter at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Obviously some new scenarios will also make there way onto the blog and if you are always looking for immediate inspiration, have a look at what the current Wargames Holiday Centre and Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire are planning alongside Sudan aficionado Dave Docherty.  Those games are always top shelf and of the very highest order.  

Im aiming for at least a post a month from now on so stay tuned.

20 June 2020

The Yorkshire Campaign battles on in the Sudan...

How good does that look folks?  

Or should this particular blog post title in fact read "The Sudan Campaign battles on in Yorkshire"?

The campaign at the Legendary Wargames continues on unabated.  The fighting looks fierce and objectives have yet to be achieved across all fronts.

Richard has been kinder enough to and through some more shots of their excellent game and it is always my pleasure to support and publicize wonderful actions and superb looking wargaming in "The Sudan".  Even better is that this one is using "The Sands of the Sudan" rules.

Well done lads!

Great looking Egyptian battalion

Now that is a wargaming set-up folks.  Great looking tables.

Looking forward to continuing to follow the action.

Remember if you would like to purchase a set of the rules, with laminated quick reference sheet and Random Event Card deck inclusive of air freight globally for AUD75.00 simply drop me a line at :


Best wishes


17 June 2020

"Four Feathers and a Funeral" in the Yorkshire Sudan

Here's the moment of truth!

This wonderful game being put on by Andy and the team at Legendary Wargames in Yoykshire has been an absolute cracker so far.  Full of cut and thrust, great humor and of course some spectacular terrain and figures.

A menacing looking force of Mahdists make their way towards the Imperials
Makes me want to dust off my collection, set aside the Napoleonic's for a month and just rush across the sand again.  Methinks I will!

Looks very good doesn't it lads?
They have also been putting together a quite magnificent campaign newsletter which you should all take the chance to have a read through.  Very well done indeed chaps!

A campaign newsletter makes all the difference in the world

12 May 2020

Solo game with a twist in the Sudan

The Imperial column takes off in Yorkshire!
Its always inspiring to see wonderful figures and a fine table put together for a sensational wargame.
The crew at Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire have done exactly that for a play by email campaign game set in the Sudan and being regularly updated on their blog, twitter account, Facebook and YouTube.

To quote Andy:

"Hope you are keeping well and safe in these troubling times.
Just thought you might like to know that Richard is playing a game solo but under commands from 9 players, myself included as the commander of the gunboats. We are encouraging role play, written orders and banter between players, and there will be periodic  newspapers with written contributions from three journalists, one from each column.
Reports and papers (the well renowned Sudanese Bugle) will be posted on our website and Facebook.
Hope this is of interest and inspires more posts of your campaign."

Well how can one not be inspired by such a great idea during this incredibly surreal times Andy.

Sensational looking gunboats.

For those of you who would like to view the action first hand please follow the link to Legendary Wargames and prepare to be amazed.  The lads up there are great supporters of "The Sands of Sudan" rules and are always keen to promote wonderful gaming and camaraderie over a table full of magnificent figures.

Best of luck lads.

6 April 2020

Ambush Cards - last deck for sale in rules bundle

Still love the background map artwork in the rules and cards

Well I had a few decks of “Ambush Cards” printed up a while back and I thought I would offer them to a few Solo Wargamers as part of a rules bundle to both support some gamers in isolation and to obviously give the rules a bit of extra promotion during a time where wargaming with opponents may be problematic.
A few variants

The cards (I actually refer to them often as Dave Docherty cards because having a deck rather than a dice roll for ambushes was his idea - brilliant!) are a small deck in card numbers which can be loaded or planned bu the umpire in a variety of ways dependant upon the scenario etc.  The players actually pick and turn over the card, adding to the tension, whenever they get to a predetermined potential ambush area.

So one deck left included in the set of the rules of “The Sands of Sudan” which also incorporates the QRS and large Random Event deck.  Price is AUD70 (new price to offset postage increases at the end of March unfortunately) including postage anywhere in the world.

If you feel like grabbing this particular set or just the rules in general please feel free to drop me a line via : carlopagano@bigpond.com

Cheers for now and stay safe

30 March 2020

During the isolation what’s better than “A Sudan Campaign”

Well it’s been far too long since the last Sudan post.  I'm sure that most wargamers know that at times other periods and gaming companions call for your attention and that has been my hobby life over the past few years.

As most of the globe goes into varying levels of self-isolation and lock down, I thought it to be apt to resurrect some posts of wargames of the past and the fun of a campaign played by like minded individuals.  As I have mentioned in the past, this campaign umpired by myself and played magnificently by NWS members of the time Svend and Gil and current day members Dave and Geoff, was one of my great wargaming joys.  So much fun and the spirit of the correspondence, orders, campaign messages etc. continue to be a credit those fine four chaps.

With this level of input from the players it wasn't hard to lift my own game as well

Reports back to Whitehall

Responses did take time via the old boats when telegraphs were cut by those wily
and intrepid Mahdist warriors

The rest of Gladstone’s note plus General Davis ordering the column to remain at
Osmar Wells 

General Graham’s despatches to his staff

Page two of the earlier missive

The man on the spot sends in his story to The Standard.

The newspapers must be fed...victories fill columns back home!
Week three orders, responses and indeed more action to follow next week.