12 May 2020

Solo game with a twist in the Sudan

The Imperial column takes off in Yorkshire!
Its always inspiring to see wonderful figures and a fine table put together for a sensational wargame.
The crew at Legendary Wargames in Yorkshire have done exactly that for a play by email campaign game set in the Sudan and being regularly updated on their blog, twitter account, Facebook and YouTube.

To quote Andy:

"Hope you are keeping well and safe in these troubling times.
Just thought you might like to know that Richard is playing a game solo but under commands from 9 players, myself included as the commander of the gunboats. We are encouraging role play, written orders and banter between players, and there will be periodic  newspapers with written contributions from three journalists, one from each column.
Reports and papers (the well renowned Sudanese Bugle) will be posted on our website and Facebook.
Hope this is of interest and inspires more posts of your campaign."

Well how can one not be inspired by such a great idea during this incredibly surreal times Andy.

Sensational looking gunboats.

For those of you who would like to view the action first hand please follow the link to Legendary Wargames and prepare to be amazed.  The lads up there are great supporters of "The Sands of Sudan" rules and are always keen to promote wonderful gaming and camaraderie over a table full of magnificent figures.

Best of luck lads.


  1. Great stuff! Thanks for the link. Heading over there now...

    1. Its certainly well worth your while AJ. The lads do a great job and are often tying in linked scenarios and campaigns together as do the WHC. Its a tremendous looking period and they truly do the period justice in the Gilder way.

  2. Replies
    1. You are 100% correct JJ - Splendid indeed!