30 March 2020

During the isolation what’s better than “A Sudan Campaign”

The state of play at the end of campaign turn two

Well it’s been far too long since the last Sudan post.  I'm sure that most wargamers know that at times other periods and gaming companions call for your attention and that has been my hobby life over the past few years.

As most of the globe goes into varying levels of self-isolation and lock down, I thought it to be apt to resurrect some posts of wargames of the past and the fun of a campaign played by like minded individuals.  As I have mentioned in the past, this campaign umpired by myself and played magnificently by NWS members of the time Svend and Gil and current day members Dave and Geoff, was one of my great wargaming joys.  So much fun and the spirit of the correspondence, orders, campaign messages etc. continue to be a credit those fine four chaps.

With this level of input from the players it wasn't hard to lift my own game as well

Reports back to Whitehall

Responses did take time via the old boats when telegraphs were cut by those wily
and intrepid Mahdist warriors

The rest of Gladstone’s note plus General Davis ordering the column to remain at
Osmar Wells 

General Graham’s despatches to his staff

Page two of the earlier missive

The man on the spot sends in his story to The Standard.

The newspapers must be fed...victories fill columns back home!
Week three orders, responses and indeed more action to follow next week.

18 June 2019

The Sands of Sudan at Legendary Wargames

Looks like the brave Hadendowah and Ansar are in for a tough time of it!

Great to see that Andy Lawson and his dedicated team have gotten Legendary Wargames renovated, pristine and ready for some significant miniatures actions for wargamers who enjoy gaming in the grand manner.

I'm always a massive supporter of folks who take the time and effort to turn their passion into a thriving business for them and a magnificent adventure for the many wargamers who desire gaming on a larger scale. 

For many years the WHC through Peter Gilder, Gerry Elliot, the late great Mike Ingham and now the sensational Mark Freeth have navigated the concept of wargaming "holidays" that are simply spectacular.  Having enjoyed an Austerlitz weekend many years ago up at Scarborough let me assure you, this Australian lad remembers it fondly to this day!

Legendary Wargames has taken up the mantle to game the wonderful Sudan campaigns using the Gilder inspired ""The Sands of Sudan" and the games are looking sensational.  If you are interested in a game or two check them out at their website.

The games look spectacular and  the figures are superb.  Thanks for the support on the rules lads.  The support of the Wargames Holiday Centre and Mark, Dave Docherty and yourselves makes all the difference.

All the best


11 June 2019

The Sands of Sudan rules price increase

Original Peter Gilder Sudan figures acquired from Mr Cornwall many moons ago in a Mayfair Hotel of all places

A quick post folks just to let you know that a fresh short run of rules and cards have just been received from the printers.    The rules are still proving to be very popular with the punters and the positive feedback I receive both via email, on the blog and on the occasional forum I am directed to.

Unfortunately when dealing with printing, more is always better in terms of price per unit.  However, it is unfortunate that I can't justify a print run of 200 plus sets at any particular time for overall cost, storage and logistics.

The new price for the rules has gone up slightly to AUD45.00 a unit plus postage.  This does however include the rules, Quick Reference Sheet and the wonderful Random Event Cards as an inclusive deal.  Let me assure you the rules and their ongoing supply are very much a labor of love and devotion to the rules and my memories of the Gilder games in those wonderful wargames articles all those years ago.

I also know that postage rates around the world are getting more expensive all the time so have tried to keep the price increases very much under control whenever possible.

14 May 2019

Another Docherty and Freeth Sudan spectacular at the WHC

Some of the action from the weekends action.  Photo from Dave's excellent blog "One man and his Brushes"

It is always a thrill to see a great wargame in action.

Since Mark Freeth has taken over the Wargames Holiday Centre and established himself in Basingstoke the games have been so wonderfully promoted on blogs, social media and live video feeds that you are able to "feel" the enjoyment from the lucky fellows that are in the thick of the action on the day.

Over the past weekend Mark Freeth and Dave Docherty (Mr One Man and His Brushes - superb blog!) have put on another spectacular "The Sands of Sudan" weekend with true Peter Gilder style and panache.

When I decided all those years ago to put together the rules and publish them for the first time, it was always to promote the period and the style of "us against the umpire" games which are always so much fun.  It is so pleasing to see the Sudan grow in popularity across the globe in the past five years, whatever the rules being played.  It is such an aesthetically pleasing period and one photographs superbly.

In the UK Dave Docherty has been a driving force in making these games so popular both on the show circuit and at the WHC.  Good man.

You can see so many superb photos here and also, if you do have Facebook, you should search out the Wargames Holiday Centre and follow them and Mark.  You will be so incredibly pleased you did.

26 April 2019

On the workbench waiting to be based

Connoisseur Miniatures Fuzzy Wuzzy Warriors awaiting basing - brave and formidable enemy for the Imperials!

Well for those of you thinking that I am simply ignoring the Sudan for areas of other interest within my wargaming battles you are only partially correct.

I have been very much enjoying the Ancients gaming in recent times as well as some excellent Marlburian Black Powder games and still building up my Napoleonic 1805-07 project for General D'Armee.

However I did take out a few trays of figures recently which are due for basing and readiness for battles down the track...

Some British, maybe even New South Wales battery for some Australian  gunners
Some more Hadendowah cavalry and foot to help add some more bases to the masses
These have been sitting in draws for some time however I'm in the mood to get them based and on the table soon for a few scenario play tests in coming months.

A younger Ben, Mike and Steve push around some lead

Still have a few campaign updates to share in coming weeks as well.

The rules are certainly still available so drop me a line and I can [pass on more details.

All the best

21 October 2018

The Sands of Sudan at the Wargames Holiday Centre

The wonderful Dave Docherty has certainly one of the best Sudan collections on the planet. Photo borrowed from WHC site - please see the link below.
It has been an age since I posted so please accept my apologies as I have been very, very busy stuff which has kept me away from blogs etc.  All good stuff but busy nevertheless!

A most wonderful thing happened recently.  The very clever Mark Freeth and Dave Docherty decided that it was time that the Sudan returned to its spiritual home at the Waregames Holiday Centre where Peter Gilders games originated (albeit at a different locale).

With their enormous effort, alongside some like minded chums such as Dean Whitehouse etc, they pooled to together some of the finest figures you would ever like to see put on a wonderful weekend of modified "The Sands of Sudan" for a campaign.

How good does that look.  Once again the photo was grabbed from Marks FB site but please visit hi wonderful YouTube channel for some fantastic videos.

Both Mark and Dave did a great job capturing so much of the action and the feel and look of the entire weekend looks simply amazing.  If you want to see more please visit the following wonderful sites:
Firstly the mighty Dave Docherty who is such a wonderful proponent of the period the figures as well as the rules I produced alongside the excellent Blackpowder as well.  You are a star Dave!

Of course the equally sensational and supportive legend that is Mark Freeth.  Great guy, so keen to see the hobby show-cased to the globe and a wonderful host by all accounts.  Check out his wonderful videos here!

Just a reminder that the rules are still available for AUD60.00 including laminated Quick reference sheet, a deck of random event cards and international postage by contacting me at;


9 July 2018

28mm Connoisseur Sudan Collection - taking stock

The cupboard is far from bare!  The lads awaiting another outing.

With the exciting news that Mark Freeth and Dave Docherty are taking the Sudan back to its spiritual home at the Wargames Holiday Centre for a Sudan mini-campaign week, I thought I would quickly have a look through the collection and see what additions may be required.

Anyone who looks on at Daves excellent One man and his brushes blog would see his Sudan collection is absolutely sensational.  He and Mark intend to put on a campaign week with a mix of "The Sands of Sudan" and "Blackpowder" in order to even further expose this great Colonial period to more wargamers globally.

Well done that man!

With that in mind I thought I would do a quick stocktake myself and see whats in the cupboard and what else needs a bit of work.

The first of the shelves heaving with Mahdist Camels and cavalry

The mighty Fuzzy Wuzzies as Kipling would call them.  Sensational and savage Beja warriors.

A mass of Egyptians, Sudanese Regulars and some Royal Marine Light Infantry on this one

Highlanders, Yorks and Lancs as well as some Nordenfeldts and Artillery

Camel Corps, Lancers and Hussars dominate here.

Naval Brigade, Bengal Lancers, Vignettes and commanders abound!

You can never have enough Hadendowah!

As you can see there are quite a few figures in the collection with more awaiting basing.  Quite a few plans for the next twelve months so we will need to keep the motivation high and watch on for the wonderful videos and pictures coming out of the WHC later in the year.

It should be magnificent.