20 June 2020

The Yorkshire Campaign battles on in the Sudan...

How good does that look folks?  

Or should this particular blog post title in fact read "The Sudan Campaign battles on in Yorkshire"?

The campaign at the Legendary Wargames continues on unabated.  The fighting looks fierce and objectives have yet to be achieved across all fronts.

Richard has been kinder enough to and through some more shots of their excellent game and it is always my pleasure to support and publicize wonderful actions and superb looking wargaming in "The Sudan".  Even better is that this one is using "The Sands of the Sudan" rules.

Well done lads!

Great looking Egyptian battalion

Now that is a wargaming set-up folks.  Great looking tables.

Looking forward to continuing to follow the action.

Remember if you would like to purchase a set of the rules, with laminated quick reference sheet and Random Event Card deck inclusive of air freight globally for AUD75.00 simply drop me a line at :


Best wishes



  1. Beautiful figures and most impressive place!!!!

  2. That's a pretty impressive table space. Who soad Yorkshire men were stingy?

  3. I think the word is careful not stingy. Or canny if you are Scottish. Always worth splashing out on something worthwhile.
    Cheers again Carlo.

  4. Careful is a much better word. I must use it next time I am being accused of parsimony.

  5. One of my favourite periods and favourite set of rules.

  6. I need a new house. My table is way too small. Love the rules

  7. Great looking table that provides much inspiration.

  8. That is definitely one of the best looking table spaces I have seen.

  9. Next instalment is up on the Legendary Wargames website. Some real tough fighting last Sunday, but the Imperial columns held firm despite mounting casualties.