30 September 2022

A chance to say thank you

The rules in the flesh…so to speak

 Hi to all.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback and comments from Ken Reilleys great podcast show of which I had the great privilege of being on. Kens a star.

I did miss a great opportunity to  thank a few very important people who at the embryonic stage of putting the rules together gave me great encouragement and information.  In fact in the podcast Ken actually asks about people who sent information in etc. and for done reason it just didn’t register. I’m putting it down to being interviewed by a bonafide wargaming personality.

So I wanted to thank some other “stars” who assisted in so many ways.

“ AJ” in the very early days gave me lots of great information and stories on his memories of the Enchanted Cottage and the WHC and the Sudan rules including various scenarios and background. That really helped me understand that this was a project. His blog   AJ’s Wargames Table  by the way is a cracker!

DC from Unfashionably Shiny was always so keen on things progressing and provided great 


Steve from Steve’s Randmn Musings on Wargaming was so supportive as well with feedback on his reference sheets.

So many great people - Gerry and Mike especially.  Dave “ Carry on with those Camels” Docherty for his promotion on the web and wargaming shows and Dave Ryan who is a great supporter through the excellent Caliver Books.

Of course Mark at the WHC and Richard and Andy at Legendary Wargames who continue to support the rules and showcase them at their excellent wargaming centres.

If I’ve missed anybody please accept my sincere apologies.

Thanks to all and please keep the stories and information coming. 


  1. Your welcome -team effort all round

    1. What he just said... :o)

      Was just hugely pleased to see that a little bit of our wargaming history got revisited, tidied up , and put out there again.. good job Carlo

  2. If you are ever over in the UK, pop along to Legendary Wargames for a game with us.
    Hope the scenario and campaign book might make it out next year?

    1. That’s a promise and if all goes to plan perhaps I’ll be over in 2024 for a nice wargaming holiday.

  3. A big round of applause mate!

  4. Just heard the Yarkshire gamer podcast. Brilliant!