2 September 2023

“Friendly Natives” - Random Event Cards for The Sudan

A wide range of Connoisseur figures on this particular vignette base

I thought I’d show a few shots of some pieces specifically for certain cards which can appear in the Events Deck whenever we play The Sands of Sudan.

The first one is the very interesting “Friendly Natives”.

As you can see from the base above, I’ve tried to use quite a varied array of the figures from the Connoisseur range for the Sudan. Most of these were designed and sculpted by Peter Gilder specifically for these rules that were played at The Wargames Holiday Centre.

A very interesting conundrum awaits the Imperial Commander if this is drawn in a game 

This particular card presents all kinds of opportunities and potential challenges for the British Column Commander.  If the formation is in a hurry, which inevitably it is, does one wait about stationary for up to six turns whilst the garrison may be getting swept away?

Or does one simply cast it aside and accept whatever consequences, if any, may eventuate later in the battle.  I have seen both options taken with hysterical and highly entertaining results.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks AJ. Did this card come up with your games at the old WHC?

    2. I don't recall it being in the deck, although the friendly shepherd was.

    3. Thanks AJ. Hope you’re very well.

  2. Good to see you back Carlo