27 October 2013

Colonel Lambert of the Guards

Colonel Lambert leads the way.

The commanding officer for the Guards Camel Regiment is the Connoisseur figure of General Gordon of Khartoum.  The figure is very nice however he will not feature prominently in my table top battles as such as he is holed up awaiting the relief column.

Instead this figure represents my fictional Colonel Richard Lambert fresh off the boat after scoring a first half goal against Fulham (yes I am a huge Saints fan!!).  Obviously the journey was longish as he has had time to grow a resplendent moustache.

He sports a nice scar across his right cheek as a reminder of his encounters with the fuzzies at Omara Springs some years previously and prefers the finery of his blue matinee coat and trousers to the uncomfortable army issue rags he conveniently lost somewhere in transit over the Mediterranean.

Helmet strapped to the side in case of some nastiness from the locals.

The one modification I did make to the figure is the helmet which I chopped off a Redoubt Camel Corp Officer who had unfortunately lost his hand somewhere in the spares box and fastened to the side of the figure which I think looks quite smart.                                                                                                 

The good Colonel prepares to give the regiment the
order to open  fire...or is that an order for a nice gin and tonic?


  1. Just came a cross your Blogs, very impressed.


    1. Thanks Trigger - keep visiting mate and you might catch a glimpse of those old reprobates back at the NWS!!!